Multifamily Select offers you full-service property management and accounting solutions.

Accounting - MSI provides a full-service accounting system which includes:

  • Processing all receipts and disbursements via an interactive accounting system
  • Financial reporting including quick customized reports monthly or as needed
  • Handling all site payables, payroll and taxes
  • Monthly reconciliation of all bank accounts and income projections
  • Budget preparation and reporting to ownership

Staffing - Multifamily Select will staff your property with well-trained, fully vetted employees

  • Employee hiring, reviews training, and evaluation
  • MSI employees receive benefits including insurance benefits and 401K options
  • MSI manages requirements of the Affordable Care Act as needed
  • MSI is an Equal Opportunity Employer and values diversity

Safety - Multifamily Select trains staff in safety procedures, to keep employees safe helping minimize risk and keep insurance rates as low as possible

  • Internal safety audits are conducted annually as well as staff training
  • MSI maintains compliance with OSHA regulations

Federal Subsidy - If your property has federal subsidy attached, MSI is experienced in managing all of the Section-8, Section-202, 236, 811 or LIHTC (Low Income Housing Tax Credits) program requirements; grant writing services

Asset Management - MSI doesn't just run the numbers - we run the property

  • We monitor options, understand the market and make effective changes if needed
  • MSI operations reflect an understanding of physical assets and economic environment, especially important in the volatile economy of recent years
  • In summary, we add value