Our Mission Is Your Success

Multifamily Select, Inc. (MSI) is your comprehensive FHA/HUD expert resource for the planning, financing, development, construction and management of multifamily properties.

Expertise – Our professional staff has over four decades of experience in the multifamily field, including working for HUD, the Department of Housing and Urban Development, to provide you with guidance and knowledge to ensure the success of your project.

Security – You'll have the security of knowing that your needs are covered, government regulations are being met, and we will be looking out for your best interests at all times.

Value – Our services will help increase the value of your property while decreasing risk through professional management, development and renovations as desired, from affordable housing to high-end market rate communities.

Contacts – Our extensive network of contacts in the multifamily–real estate industry and multiple levels of government is available to enhance the financing and success of your projects.

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Multifamily Select, Inc. Services


Multifamily Select offers you full-service property management and accounting solutions.

Accounting - MSI provides a full-service accounting system which includes:

  • Processing all receipts and disbursements via an interactive accounting system
  • Financial reporting including quick customized reports monthly or as needed
  • Handling all site payables, payroll and taxes
  • Monthly reconciliation of all bank accounts and income projections  
  • Budget preparation and reporting to ownership

Staffing - Multifamily Select will staff your property with well-trained, fully vetted employees

  • Employee hiring, reviews training, and evaluation
  • MSI employees receive benefits including insurance benefits and 401K options
  • MSI manages requirements of the Affordable Care Act as needed
  • MSI is an Equal Opportunity Employer and values diversity

Safety - Multifamily Select trains staff in safety procedures, to keep employees safe helping minimize risk and keep insurance rates as low as  possible

  • Internal safety audits are conducted annually as well as staff training
  • MSI maintains compliance with OSHA regulations

Federal Subsidy - If your property has federal subsidy attached, MSI is experienced in managing all of the Section-8, Section-202, 236, 811 or LIHTC (Low Income Housing Tax Credits) program requirements; grant writing services

Asset Management - MSI doesn't just run the numbers - we run the property

  • We monitor options, understand the market and make effective changes if needed
  • MSI operations reflect an understanding of physical assets and economic environment, especially important in the volatile economy of recent years
  • In summary, we add value


MSI has successfully developed over 75 projects since its inception.

Services offered include:

• Team assemblage (FHA literate)

  • Lender
  • General Contractor
  • Architect
  • Legal
  • CPA Firm
  • Property management
  • Environmental
  • Market Analyst

• Lender application review for accuracy and compliance.
• Monitoring of HUD office to assure Initial Endorsement occurs within required timeframe.

MSI's construction management provides assistance to the owner/contractor from initial concept to project closeout, including the following areas:

  • HUD 221D Program Management Oversight within the HUD MAP Guidelines, including assistance in preparation of HUD 92448 and HUD 5372 document
  • Construction design reviews
  • Cost estimating, evaluations, and value engineering project planning
  • Risk management, dispute avoidance and resolution
  • Subcontractor contract review negotiations and bid phase management
  • Monthly inspections of productivity analysis and quality assurance during construction, including overview of installations per applicable codes
  • HUD Change Order analysis of construction claims, evaluation and preparation of HUD forms; assistance in procuring payment
  • Schedule Delay Analysis including preparation and submission of Notice of Delay
  • Coordination and preparation of HUD 94285 Permission to Occupancy documents
  • HUD warranty inspections to ensure all issues are addressed

• Marketing activities commence 90 – 120 days prior to product delivery.
• Accounting activities during construction to ensure a quick and seamless cost certification by the independent auditing firm.
• Set strict deadlines for deliverables from third parties for timely HUD Final Endorsement.

The MSI team seeks to assist the owner/developer with extensive strategic planning, project leadership, a well-defined scope, a responsive team of stakeholders, and positive work relationships, all contributing to project success.


MSI's leadership has over four decades of FHA / HUD multifamily consulting experience which includes:

• Feasibility analysis
• Site selection
• Market selection
• Rezoning
• Waivers of non-statutory regulations (HUD / FHA)
• Cost certification review
• Financial reporting
• TPA's
• FHA Underwriter training
• Master Lease structuring
• PHA's and RAD transformation
• Rehabilitation and adaptive reuse
• Historic tax credits
• Troubled project turnaround, specializing in distressed multifamily properties

Michael Jameyson, CPM

Graduated from the University of Central Florida accounting program in 1985 (BSBA – Accountancy). He has been involved in the field of property management for 32 years and a veteran of the United States Navy. Mr. Jameyson is responsible for the general operational over-site with all management procedures. His prior experience is with Southeastern Property Management, Birmingham, Alabama and Westminster Company, Greensboro, NC.

Certifications and Licensure: Tax Credit Specialist, Specialist in Housing Credit Management, Certified Occupancy Specialist, R.R.P. Certification, Broker NC/SC, Certified Property Manager